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Marble Erosion Donut Sink

Marble Erosion Donut Sink

Sinks Donat Full Marmo
Color : Cream
Ø 40 cm X H. 12 cm
Ø 45 cm X H. 15 cm

Natural Stone Sinks

  • Maintenance Tips


    Marble, a natural stone renowned for its blend of beauty and durability, offers exceptional aesthetics along with impressive hardness. This limestone rock boasts remarkable mechanical strength and minimal porosity. Maintaining your basin is a breeze, requiring just a simple swipe with a sponge for daily cleaning. You can enhance this process by using Marseille soap and hot water. For a more comprehensive cleaning, we recommend the utilization of Akemi Triple Effect-an effective solution that not only cleans but also shields your basin. Always use a sponge or soft cloth, avoiding any corrosive products or abrasive sponges.

    Rest assured, your basin's interior is already polished and waterproofed. However, should you wish to restore its vitality, consider utilizing Akemi Anti-stain with Nano effect. This treatment not only provides protection but also simplifies the maintenance routine. To ensure lasting results, we suggest repeating this process every six months.

    Please avoid cleaning your marble basin with acidic substances like vinegar or lemon, as well as harsh chemicals such as anti-limestone or bleach. Instead, opt for the gentle yet effective anti-limescale properties of Akemi Cristal Clean. a product we recommend for maintaining your basin's allure.

    Discover the effortless elegance of caring for your marble basin through our meticulously curated maintenance solutions. Elevate your routine with the perfect harmony of care and protection, ensuring your basin remains a captivating centerpiece.