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Évier en pierre de rivière

Évier en pierre de rivière


  • Maintenance Tips

    Effortlessly maintain the beauty of your river stone basin using just a soft cloth or sponge for daily care. Enhance the cleanliness by combining them with Marseille soap and hot water. For a more thorough revitalization, we suggest opting for Akemi Triple Effect. a powerful solution that not only cleans but also safeguards your basin.

    Rest assured, your basin's interior boasts a polished finish and waterproofing. If rejuvenation is desired, consider Akemi Anti-stain with Nano effect. This treatment not only ensures protection but also simplifies maintenance. Apply this rejuvenating treatment every six months to ensure lasting results.

    Please avoid using acidic substances like vinegar or lemon, as well as harsh chemicals such as anti-limestone or bleach when caring for your river stone basin. Instead, embrace the gentle yet effective anti-limescale properties of Akemi Cristal Clean. a recommended choice to maintain your basin's timeless allure.

    Discover the simplicity of caring for your river stone basin with our carefully curated maintenance solutions. Elevate your routine with the perfect balance of care and protection, ensuring your basin remains a captivating focal point.